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President's Message

Welcome to the March 2019 edition of KeyNotes...IREM DC 8's newsletter of all events. This is a bi-monthly must-read publication.

Happy Spring! It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of the year has passed us by. If any of you are like me, I love the change in weather that will (hopefully) be happening soon – it’s an opportunity to do some spring cleaning in both a literal sense and also metaphorically: how are you spending your time and is that working for you?  

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Property Managers – gather up your building team and do a thorough inspection of your property. What needs to be repainted? Any signage need to be replaced? How does your main entrance look to current and prospective tenants? This is also where the IREM industry partner relationships can be so valuable. Our industry partners can provide a wide range of services at your property. Call them out for a second set of eyes!

We hope you are planning to attend our special April general membership meeting, which is a joint event with the DC, West-Central MD and Northern VA chapters, AND includes IREM Northeast regional conference attendees as well. We think this is going to be the best event of the entire year!  Don’t miss this opportunity to network with IREM leaders from the DMV and the entire Northeast Region!

The venue is Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar in the National Harbor. We have bought out the entire venue on Wednesday, April 10th from 5:45-9:00 pm, and will feature a nationally-known keynote speaker, Janine Driver from 6:15–7:00, followed by a dueling piano show from 7:00-9:00 pm. During the event, we will be offering a large menu of food and cocktails, beer & wine. See you there!  Click Here for more Information and to Register

After our special event at Bobby McKey's, Chapter Leaders will be attending the IREM Northeast Regional Conference at the Gaylord Hotel at the National Harbor April 10-12.  This will be a jammed-packed two days of education, training and networking for IREM leaders from the entire Northeast.  There is still time for you to register to join us!  This regional conference is open for any IREM member to register and attend.  Click Here for more Information and to Register

As always, if there is anything I can do to help you with your IREM journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

[email protected]

Jennifer Laforest, CPM®
2019 Chapter 8 President


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Upcoming Events--Register Now!

April General Membership Meeting & Special Joint Chapter Event

April 10, 2019

5:45-6:15PM: Registration

6:15-7:00PM: Janine Driver's presentation

7:00-9:00PM: Piano Bar, Food & Open Bar

IREM Chapters 8, 77 & 92 join forces to present this special event.  This event also counts as our April General Membership meeting.  If you are a prepaid meeting member, this event is included, but you must still register to attend.  This event is being held in conjunction with the IREM Northeast Regional Conference at National Harbor.  We are expecting a sell-out crowd of IREM Members from the entire DMV and Northeast Region.  Hurry to register!








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Income/Expense Website Now Open - Help Chapter 8 Hit Our Goals!

share Your Data and Be Rewarded!! Receive your FREE Report (a $550 value!) and your chance to WIN $$$

Your Data Delivers
The Income/Expense Analysis Reports are the hottest bench-marking tool in town.  Each year, IREM collects data from industry professionals like you from across the United States to compile the best resource for budgeting, forecasting and more.  Help support this important program by sending us your property data - and we'll send you a free report!


Contributing to the I/E Program is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1:

Log on to IREM's Income/Expense website at http://IE.IREM.ORG

Step 2:

Submit your property data by April 1st

Step 3:

Receive 1 free digital copy of any 2019 Income/Expense Analysis Report (a $550 value!!) PLUS, a free individual building report AND your chance to WIN $$...


Please submit your data to help our Chapter reach our 2019 Goals!   

In addition to your free report, Chapter 8 will reward the member who submits the most properties with a $100 Gift Card.  $50 Gift Cards to the second and third place contributors.  

Data is collected for the following property types:

  • Conventional Apartments

  • Office Buildings

  • Shopping Centers

  • Condominiums, Co-ops & PUDs

  • Federally-Assisted Apartments

CLICK HERE to learn more about the I/E Program 

CLICK HERE to submit your data 


Questions OR Have more than 10 Submissions??   

There is an Easy Upload Method... 

Contact Income/Expense Analysis Manager, Matt O'Hara

800-837-0706 ext. 6025 or [email protected] 

Any submission to BOMA's statistical analysis can also be forwarded to IREM by sending a copy of the PDF print out report to [email protected]This will count towards the goal and also qualify for the free analysis and property report.  Submit your data here.


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Meeting Recap & Pictures

January Special Event 2019

IREM Chapters 8, 77 & 92 Industry Forecast & Trade Show

Check out the picture highlights from our Annual Industry Forecast Meeting & Vendor Trade Show held on January 31st at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner.  To see all the pictures from this event, click here.


February Meeting 2019

Culture Change: How You Can Create The Culture You Want

We held our first chapter lunch meeting of 2019 on Tuesday, February 19th at Mastro's Steakhouse in Washington, DC.    Everyone in attendance really enjoyed this NEW lunch venue for IREM DC.  Charlene Rothkopf, with Wellness Consulting Group, was our guest speaker.  Charlene instructed us on what we can do as leaders to retain the best aspects of our culture and help our companies evolve to higher levels of productivity and accountability. 

Annually, at our February Meeting, we take time to recognize and celebrate chapter members celebrating milestone anniversaries of their designation year.  At this meeting, we were thrilled to install seven new members:

  • Bryan Moran, CPM
  • Sandra Diggs, ARM
  • Chris Froehlich, ARM
  • Daykia Moore, ARM
  • Osman Osman, ARM
  • Crystal Riggins, ARM
  • Ericka Salter, ARM


Thank you to everyone who supported our Community Involvement efforts this month by "Rocking The Red" to this event in support of The American Heart Association.  To see all the pictures from this event, click here.


March Meeting 2019

Annual Candidates Meeting & Networking Event with IREM West-Central MD 92

Check out the picture highlights from our Annual Candidates Meeting & Networking Event held on March 14th at Maggiano's Little Italy of Chevy Chase. This was the 11th year in a row we have held this special joint-chapter event with IREM West-Central MD 92.  We welcomed Brian Lozell, CPM, Director of Corporate Business Development for IREM, as our special guest speaker for our Candidate Members.

The following new members were installed during this event:

  • David Sidorsky, CPM - IREM DC
  • Emmett Jafari, ARM - IREM DC
  • Tia McNear, ARM - IREM DC
  • Jennifer Wilson, ARM - IREM DC
  • Priscilla Baidu, ARM - IREM West-Central MD
  • Sarah Curcio-Rudy, ARM - IREM West-Central MD


The networking portion of the event consisted of a friendly game of "Family Feud: Property Management Edition" between IREM DC and IREM West-Central MD followed by a "Bingo" game for property managers to meet industry partners.  IREM DC narrowly took home the win in Family Feud, but fun and laughter was had by all!

To see all the pictures from this event, click here.



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IREM Annual Charity Gala

Friday, May 10, 2019

Congressional Country Club

Please Save The Date for this Fabulous Event!

Click Here for Sponsorship Information.  Individual Tickets will be available soon - stay tuned!  This event will once again benefit Special Love for Children with Cancer.  Visit The IREM Gala Website for more information.


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Community Action Efforts

Thank you to everyone who has supported our 50/50 Raffles at our February and March membership meetings.  We have been able to make donations of $250 to The American Red Cross and $80 to District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH).


In February, we also took a collection in support of "Pennies For Patients" for the HeadStart students IREM DC supports at South Lake Elementary School.  The children were happy to have our support and sent a Thank You card to the chapter:


Have an idea for a community service project or want to serve on this committee? 

Contact our VP of Community Action - Denise Vignola, CPM


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Industry HOT Topic

Document and Printed Media Restoration

Jim Baliya, Operations Manager, Unlimited Restoration, Inc.


Time is crucial to the successful recovery of water-damaged books, files, and archival materials. Taking the right steps, in a timely manner, guarantees maximum recovery of printed media with minimum residual effects.  Page warping, ink diffusion, binding delamination, and mold begin to occur quickly following the exposure of printed media to water.  Advance knowledge of standard practices and available resources is the key to recovery of valuable files and media.

Flash freezing is an essential first step in stabilizing wetted print media. Freezing halts the damage process, inhibits mold growth and extends time available for review, assessment and planning. Once frozen, physical deterioration halts, ink dissolving will stop, and potential for mold and fungus growth ceases. Once frozen, paper is stabilized and can be stored via any refrigerated means.

Benefits of Freeze Stabilization

  • Stops the Progression of Damages
  • Inhibits Mold
  • Stabilizes Inks
  • Prevents Page Adhesion
  • Grants Valuable Assessment Time


Prior to freezing, however, the extent of damage should be assessed. The value of the exposed media as well as the nature of the exposure should be considered.  Water sources can contain contamination corrosion from a pipe, dirt and debris from a flood, salt water, and even sewage.  Additional steps could be taken prior to freezing in order to clean and rinse the printed media.

Characterization of Wet Media

Dry materials are often overlooked in a disaster. They must be removed from the affected area and moved to a stable environment.

Damp materials are cool to the touch. Exposed to high humidity, mold can quickly form.

Slightly wet materials exhibit staining no more than one-half inch in from the edges.

Wet materials exhibit staining more than one-half inch in from the edges, up to saturation.

Document Drying Methods


  • Most common
  • Best for small batches
  • Labor intensive
  • Imperfect finished product



  • Dry in place. Negates the need for packing and transfer.
  • Not recommended for coated papers and water-sensitive inks.
  • Impractical outside of large scale structural drying projects.
  • Requires a dedicated facility.



  • Works best with damp or slightly wet paper
  • Time intensive - Weeks to Months
  • End product may be warped or distorted
  • Rebinding may be required
  • Not suitable for audio, video or data media



  • Suitable for large volume jobs
  • No additional distortion
  • Removes water via sublimation, without converting to liquid state



  • Lower cost than vacuum freeze drying
  • May cause considerable distortion or warping
  • Only recommended for short-retention materials


The successful recovery of water-damaged library and archival materials depends on a timely response to a disaster. Rapid response maximizes recovery of collections materials and expedites the restoration of services. Unlimited Restoration's document recovery professionals have the expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to address any document drying project.

Legal files hit by water during Hurricane Sandy that were restored by Unlimited Restoration, Inc.

Historic documents from Gadsby’s Tavern, Alexandria, VA that were restored by Unlimited Restoration, Inc.


Call Rene Carter at Unlimited Restoration, Inc. (443) 610-2200 for your restoration needs!


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Legislative Update

Handshakes and Handouts on Capitol Hill

IREM DC Representation on Capitol Hill

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

This month IREM DC 8 members were honored to represent Residential and Commercial property owners' interest in meetings with two Maryland Representatives during the Capitol Hill Fly-In Day. NAR's and IREM’s presentations prepared IREM members with facts and handouts on the two key topics the afternoon before Fly-In Day. The two top subjects to discuss with our Representatives were National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and Companion Animals with our State Representatives.

IREM supports reform of the NFIP to ensure its ongoing sustainability, encouragement of cost-effective private flood insurance options, and long-term reauthorization of NFIP so that it remains a viable option for property owners. The National Flood Insurance program is a partnership among federal, state, and local governments that help mitigate flood risk and provide affordable flood insurance to those who need it most. If the program expires, flood insurance will become more costly or even unavailable. The NFIP provides over 90% of all flood insurance nationwide and close to 100% of flood insurance coverage for individually owned properties and small to mid-size properties.

IREM supports and invites guidance from the government on the issue of companion animals, sometimes referred to as emotional support animals, with respect to the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Unlike service animals, which are regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), companion animals receive no specialized training and are typically for individuals with mental disabilities or those in need of emotional support.

IREM’s objective was to build awareness with legislators on the challenges property managers face when tenants demand acceptance of pets that clearly are not service animals. We pointed out that many property managers and building owners need more clarification on how to interpret the American’s With Disability Act and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development guidelines regarding allowing animals into multifamily units.

Anthony Faircloth, CPM, ARM, set up a meeting with Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen. After a quick handshake with the Senator, Mary Herington (Chapter 8 VP of Legislation) met with John Mitchell II, Legislative Correspondent. IREM suggestions align with the Senators plans to vote for a long-term extension of National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). IREM’s other specific suggestions were well received. Additionally, Mary urged the Senator to request the Office of Management and Budget to release guidance or the definition of Companion Animals with respect to ADA and FHA requirements.

After leaving a package for Maryland Senator Ben Cardin,  Liz Shanahan, CPM, Chapter 92 President-Elect, and Mary Herington gave a joint presentation to Legislative Correspondent, Lucy Shaw (shown in picture). Lucy helps Jamie Raskin who represents Marylands 8th Congressional District.

In the afternoon, Liz and Mary dropped off IREM hand-outs to three more Maryland and Virginia Representatives. IREM put together professional binders with a one-page fact sheet and IREM recommendations for each issue, along with Information on both IREM and NAR.  Follow-up from the Fly-In Day included emailing thank you letters to each correspondents they met with and the Policy Advisor for their Districts.  The email gives another opportunity to recap the issues while urging them to consider IREM’s position and vote accordingly.

Interested in become a person of action and emailing your congressional representative? It’s as simple as using the sample letter on the IREM website listed under Public Policy/ In District Meetings. That page has a link to identify your Representative. Do it soon because the NFIP law expires on May 31, 2019!


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Stay Tuned OR visit the IYP Section of our Chapter Website for information on upcoming 2019 events.


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Region 3 Education

Carol Walker, Education Administrator
P.O. Box 3035, Gaithersburg, MD 20885
301.948.6234 p  301.948.7962 f

Region 3 Education Website

Visit our BRAND NEW SITE for the complete 2019 Course & Seminar schedule.  

Private Offerings:

Spread the word that Private Offering Courses are available for your company - groups of 10 or more.  This means an instructor comes to your site and holds a class for just your company's employees.  The idea is to get a group of people to "fast track" their way to a CPM, ARM, or ACoM designation.  The more people in the class, the lower the price per person.  For more information on this excellent opportunity, contact the Region 3 Education office at 301.948.6234 or click here for more information.

Online Self-Paced Courses:

For those interested in taking courses at their own pace, IREM offers many online self-paced courses.  Open new doors for yourself with the help of IREM education.  With our online and classroom courses, you'll give yourself a leg up in the constantly evolving world of real estate management.


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Free Money - Scholarship Information

In need of financial assistance to attend IREM Ed courses??  Working toward achieving your IREM designations?? WE HAVE FUNDS TO HELP! JUST ASK!

Our Chapter actively participates in the IREM Foundation Chapter Restricted Fund where we can support chapter members toward IREM education courses.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the IREM Foundation.


If you are interested or have questions on how you can apply for financial assistance, contact the IREM 8 offices at 301.874.8425 OR email at [email protected]


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Real Estate Management News



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Dues Information

Your IREM Membership is an investment in yourself and your career.  Make sure you're taking full advantage of the benefits by renewing your membership.

You will receive one invoice coming from IREM Headquarters.  This eliminates the need to process separate payments for National dues and Chapter 8 local dues.  One payment can be made to IREM HQ and the Chapter portion will be electronically transferred to Chapter 8.  Also included on this invoice for CPM members are your NAR Affiliate dues.  These affiliate dues must be paid in order to maintain your CPM designation.

PAY YOUR DUES to ensure you don't miss out on even one day of membership.


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Chapter 8 Industry Partners

When looking for bids for your next project, we always suggest contacting our Chapter Industry Partners First!  CLICK HERE to see our full directory of Industry Partners.


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Chapter 8 Officers & Directors

CLICK HERE to see contact information for our 2019 Board of Officers & Directors


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About IREM 8

If you have a question about IREM 8 or any of our upcoming events, please contact the iREM 8 office.

Chapter 8 Financials are available to be viewed by any dues paying member.  If you would like to request to see a copy, please contact the Chapter 8 Office.

Jean Collins
Executive Director


P.O. Box 365
Monrovia, MD 21770
t 301-874-8425
f 301-874-8426
[email protected]







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